As the Chief Executive Law Enforcement Officer for the City of
Blytheville it is an Honor and Privilege to serve all citizens of our
community and be a part of outstanding group of dedicated hardworking
professional men and women that are the Blytheville Police Department.

Public Trust with Open Meaningful Communication between both the
Police Department and the Public they serve are vital in the efforts to
reduce crime  while protecting the rights of all Citizens.

If you are interested in having an officer attend or speak to your
organization, group or gathering,  planning a community event, or have
questions concerning Police Services Please feel free to contact me at the
number listed below or by e-mailing me at

Thank you
Ross A. Thompson
Chief of Police Blytheville Arkansas
Blytheville Police Department Office of the Chief of Police 201 W. Walnut Blytheville AR
72315 (Non-Emergency) 870-763-4411 (Emergency) 911
Chief of Police
Blytheville Police Department
Graduate of the 216th
Session of the FBINA
25 Years of Experience
Member of the ARML
Member of the AACP
Graduate of both CJI SLES
and Arkansas Leader