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Domestic Violence
Laura's Card
  • To provide crime victims their rights afforded to them by Arkansas’ Victim’s Bill of Rights outlined in  Arkansas
    Victim Rights Act of 1997 and Laura's Card Act 873.
  • To provide state wide consistency of information concerning victim’s rights provided to victims’ of crime.
  • To provide victim rights and information in a clear and concise manner in order to empower victims to make
    decisions about their safety

  • Law enforcement agencies responding to crime incidents are required to inform victims in writing of their
    victim’s rights. Officers must inform victims of the availability of services: medical, housing, counseling,
    financial, social, legal, and emergency services. In addition, officers must inform victims about how to obtain
    orders of protection, how to access public records related to the case, and about the Arkansas Crime Victims
    Reparations Board
  • 501-682-1020

  • Links to the Arkansas Crime Information Center which contains Arkansas’ Victims’ Bill of Rights and
  • Crime Victims’ Guide to the Arkansas Judicial System.
  • Information concerning legal aid and printable protective orders.
  • Links to Vine Link notification system.
  • Information and a link to the Arkansas Crime Victim’s Reparation Program.
  • Links to government agencies where more detailed information on victims’ rights and resources are located
  • Space provided for local victims’ services information including available medical, housing, counseling,
    financial, social, legal, and emergency services

  • A PDF format is available to law enforcement agencies. A copy or link of Laura’s Card is to be placed on all law
    enforcement agencies websites and social media in a prominent and obvious manner on the agency home
    page. First responders, law enforcement agencies, local service providers, State Park Rangers, School Security
    and SRO's and Health Providers all prove a critical part of the healing journey for victims of crime. Laura’s Card
    complies with the legal requirements. Using information and services listed, victims will be empowered to move
    from helplessness to hopefulness.
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